High School

I attended high school @ North Salem High School in Salem Oregon. It was there that I gained a passion for computer science through an excellent teacher, Don Kirkwood. I took 3 years of computer science courses through him which provided me over 20 college credits (Through Chemeketa Community College) without having even entered into college. I graduated from North Salem High School in 2004.

On top of being heavily involved in the Computer Science program there and graduating with a Computer Science High School Endorsement, I also participated heavily in choir and sports (Soccer, Swimming, and Track). Extra Curricular activities played a big part of my high school experience.

After graduating from high school, I took 2 years off of school in order to pursue religious service activities.

College – Undergrad


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Upon returning from my 2 years of service, I entered into college at BYU (Brigham Young University) with the intent of obtaining a computer science degree. After 2 years of work I realized that I preferred teaching lower level programming than performing upper level programming. At that point I began searching for an alternative degree that would allow me to utilize my knowledge of programming while enabling me to teach right out of college. I found a program that allowed that and more. Through the Technology and Engineering Education (TEE) program at BYU, I was able to maintain my focus in computer science education while also gaining a passion for computer technology, web development, digital art and animation, electronics, and robotics. I graduated from BYU in 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in Technology and Engineering Education and a Minor in Computer Science Education.

College – Grad

After leaving BYU I returned, with my family, to Oregon where I enrolled in a Masters Program at WOU (Western Oregon University). The program I enrolled in was geared at

  • improving an educator’s ability to use technology in the classroom
  • improving instruction through technology tools
  • improving instruction through creating tutorials and supplemental material
  • building learning communities so that educators can continue to build with each other even after graduation.

In June 2014 I graduated from WOU with a Masters of Science in Education: Information Technology. Completion of the program took me 2 years of part-time enrollment (5-8 credits per semester) plus summer classes alongside the full time job I was carrying.

Post College

Though not currently enrolled in any programs, education is still a strong part of my life. I involve myself as much as I can in learning communities that help keep me up to date with tools and techniques that help me constantly improve my abilities as an educator. I’ve been involved with the following communities:

  • Oregon Computer Science Teacher’s Association (OCSTA)
  • Salem Keizer CTE
  • South Salem CTE

I also scour the web to find material I can use for my classes as I believe that learning can be more effective when using multiple approaches and by gleaning from the success of others.

Continue reading to learn more about me as a Professional Educator, Family Man, Education pursuer, Service man, and hobbyist.

Professional Educator


Family Man



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