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Lehi High School

In 2012 I was hired to work part time, while still an undergraduate in college, for Lehi High School in the Alpine School District as a computer science teacher. I taught 2 classes of Computer Science every other day with Java as the language. At the end of the year I was offered a position to stay on as a full time teacher, but with the completion of my Bachelors degree, my family and I decided that we wanted to move back to Oregon instead.


In Oregon I obtained a teaching position working for ORVA (Oregon Virtual Academy) as the computer technology educator at the high school level. I taught computer literacy, digital arts, image design and editing, computer science, and a homeroom course. Because it’s an online school, I worked from home teaching 200-300 students each semester through Blackboard Collaborate (a virtual classroom that allows for me to teach in real time using slides, a whiteboard, and desktop sharing, and allows for students and I to use video, audio, and chat to communicate) and a course website. I loved the teaching atmosphere and enjoyed the staff-relationships that I built. I was there from September of 2012 through January of 2015 and would have stayed longer except that a teaching opportunity presented itself that I couldn’t pass up.

South Salem High School

In January of 2014 I was hired on by South Salem High School to teach Computer Science and Web Development full time. I’m still there and hope to remain there for a long time. My Courses include:

  • Web I (HTML/CSS)
  • Web II (Javascript/PHP and Content Management Systems)
  • Intro to Computer Science (GameMaker)
  • Computer Science I (Java Fundamentals)
  • Computer Science II (Java Advanced Concepts)



The above image shows the endorsements I have and the levels I’m authorized to teach.

The courses/subjects I specialize in typically focus on using a computer. Numbers following text represent the Oregon ID for the subject. They include:

  • Computer Programming/Science (10152)
    • Introduction to Computer Science (10152)
    • Java (10152)
    • Advanced Java (10152)
    • C++ (10152)
    • C# (10152)
    • And other languages (10152)
  • Game Development (10204)
    • Adobe Flash (10204)
    • GameMaker (10204)
    • Java (10152)
    • Scratch (10204)
  • Web Development (10201)
    • HTML/CSS (10201)
    • CMS (Content Management Systems) (10201)
    • Blogging (10201)
  • Robotics (21009)
    • Lego Robotics (21009)
    • Arduino (21009)
  • Graphic Design (05162)
    • Inkscape/Illustrator (Vector Images) (10204)
    • Gimp/Photoshop (Raster Images)(10204)
    • Media Literacy (Understanding the impact of the media on society) (10204)
    • Advertising/Package Design (Printmaking/Graphics – 05160)
    • Photography
  • 3D Modeling/Animation (Computer Graphics – 10202)
    • Google Sketchup (No animation) (Computer Graphics – 10202)
    • Maya (Computer Graphics – 10202)
    • Blender (Computer Graphics – 10202)
  • Computer Literacy (10049)
    • Keyboarding (12005)
    • Introduction to computers (10001)
      • Word Processing (12006)
      • Spreadsheets
      • Presentations
      • Online Citizenship (Safety & Responsibility)
  • Technology Literacy (21051)
    • Emerging Technology (21053)
    • Innovation and Assessment (21054)
  • Math
    • Business Math with Algebra (02155)
    • Consumer Math (02157)
    • General Applied Math (02151)
    • Occupational Applied Math (02152)
    • Technical Math (02153)
    • Personal Finance

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